Gather. Grow. Go.

Sermons by Ian Foskett

Be An Encourager

Ian shares on how Christians should emulate Jesus, by coming along side other people and encouraging them by lending a hand or speaking a word. The Greek word used for encouragement in the New Testament is Parakeleo, and comes from para, which means to come along side and keleo, which means to the aid of. This sermon is filled with good illustrations and examples.

Loyalty in a Throw Away Culture

We live in a throw away society and it doesn’t stop at consumer products but rolls over into relationships; if its not working let’s call it a day and move on. Today there is no “sticking power” very little thought is put into; let’s try and work it out. Forgiveness, tolerance and grace are today in short supply.
God is looking for faithfulness/loyalty from His people.
The Word this morning explores characters from the Bible whose loyalty paid off. We look at Joseph, Daniel, Ruth. Also being faithful and loyalty comes at a price in examples such as Jonathan and Joseph. Ultimately loyalty is wrought out of Love as shown by Abraham when he was prepared to sacrifice his son Isaac.

Overcoming Fear

Fear can dishearten us and even paralysis us. But Jesus calls us to overcome fear with faith. In working towards this end, we may have to go through circumstances where we have to face our fears. The key to overcoming fear is knowing who we are in Jesus.

Spiritual Laws: Sowing & Reaping

Speaking from 2 Cor chapter 9, Ian speaks on the New Testament principle of sowing and reaping. We reap what we sow and we reap in like manner to how we sow. God has given us time, money and talents which we are to sow into His kingdom. Like a farmer we sow in faith, knowing that we are involved in a process that works and that yields an increase.

Bucket Lists

Ian shares on how Jesus’ “To Do List” was simply “to do the will of Him who sent me”. For believers this should also be out priority. We are to be imitators of Christ, both in our character but also in the way we engage with us at their point of need.