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Women in Ministry and Leadership: Part 01

This is the first part in a new series that looks at what the Bible, and in particular the New Testament actually says about allowing women in ministry and church leadership positions.

This is a vitally important subject and unfortunately is a divisive issue in some church circles. Traditionally the established church has treated women as second class citizens and has refused them to speak, preach or lead in church. Many have claimed that is what the Bible, and in particular the apostle Paul, has taught. But is that right?

The purpose of this study is to examine afresh what the Bible actually says and to show that:
1). Restrictions upon women fully participating in church life is against the spirit of the whole of the New Testament.
2). Those passages supposedly forbidding women ministering, do not do so, but are addressing specific problems in specific cultural environments.
3). The New Testament authorises and gives examples of women fulfilling a call to ministry and leadership.