The Water for Life project exists to help provide clean drinking water for people in the developing world. We believe that safe drinking water is a human right in the twenty first century and we contend that it is shameful that people are dying from a lack of clean drinking water. It is well within the economic reach of the developed nations to make clean water available to the developing nations, should there be the political will.

Many people in the world do not have access to a regular supply of clean drinking water. The water they have to use for drinking and cooking is polluted and will eventually cause serious illness and even death. Young children are most at risk from polluted water.

The pollutants can be chemical (either man-made or natural) or biological such as due to poor sanitation or using a unsuitable stream or pool.

884 million people do not have clean drinking water1 in 6 people worldwide have no access to clean drinking water 80 % of illnesses in the developing world are linked to water pollution 4,000 children die each day due to poor water and sanitation.

Water from shallow wells can contain natural mineral contaminants such as cobalt which is harmful for human consumption.

The health problems of people are not simply solved by supplying a clean water supply for drinking. There has to be a great deal of education concerning issues of hygiene. The advantage of a pump supplying fresh, clean water is immediately negated if that water is carried home in dirty, unsterilized containers.

The Community Life Church organised public events in the Cannock Community to raise awareness of the problems and to raise finances. Pastor John Tyrell has taken school assemblies and spoken to classes on the health risks faced by children in the developing world, when there is a lack of sanitation or a clean water supply.

As a result local schools, businesses and youth clubs have all helped raise finances to send abroad. To date the total sent is £8,450.

The projects in the developing world have always been done with reputable organisations, many of whom the church had a direct connection.

The projects undertaken include:

  • Water supplies for two village primary schools in India
  • 24 Bio-sand filters for villages in Tanzania
  • 8 hand pumps for villages of bonded labourers in Pakistan
  • A water supply for a school in the Democratic Republic Congo
  • Two village toilets in Bangladesh
  • Borehole at a village school in India