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The Lord’s Prayer

This morning Pastor John starts a two part preach on what is commonly called “the Lord’s Prayer”. This was a revolutionary pattern of prayer that Jesus taught His disciples. In this first part we look at what Jesus said about how we shouldn’t pray and what would have been so surprising about this prayer to Jesus’ hearers.

Prioritising Children’s Ministry

This morning Pastor John shares on the importance of Children’s ministry within the church. This is a Scriptural priority and there is a great need within society to bring Scriptural principles and values to today’s children.
Our apologies that the audio recording did not work this week. Instead the written notes are provided as a download.


Jeans says that we can’t just depend on outward circumstances for our joy. Whatever we go through we can be sure that when we draw close to the Lord His joy will remain in us and our joy will be full.

Be An Encourager

Ian shares on how Christians should emulate Jesus, by coming along side other people and encouraging them by lending a hand or speaking a word. The Greek word used for encouragement in the New Testament is Parakeleo, and comes from para, which means to come along side and keleo, which means to the aid of. This sermon is filled with good illustrations and examples.